Start using Google+ today to build your online authority, improve your visibility, drive more traffic and boost your sales!

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed & confused about which Social Media site will produce the best results for your business?
  • Think you simply don't have time for another Social Media site?
  • Perhaps you're tired of the struggle to drive traffic using Social Media?

Let Us Help You Discover The Power of Google+

You are probably here because you’re looking to grow your business using Social Media… well you’re in the right place.

You are about to discover the biggest reasons why Google+ is the most effective social platform at getting your business found online.  Why it is one of the best ways to become an industry leading expert within your niche, and how you can leverage the platform to grow your business, and increase sales!

We've been working within Social Media now for over 4 years, and many consider us as industry leading experts - how have we achieved this?  You guessed it,  Social Media!

Your business will grow if you start using Google+ today.

Google+ is much more than just another social site.  Google+ is a Social layer, fully integrated with the world's largest search engine, Google.  So, it's easy to understand why achieving such great results is possible with this powerful platform.  Google+ is also fully integrated with YouTube, Gmail, Hangouts, GoogleDocs, and more...

I am going to guide you through optimising your Google+ profile & page, to deliver targeted traffic to your blog - the hub of your Social system.

Here's some of the reasons why...

1. Google Plus is the ONLY content based social site which indexes AND ranks your posts in Google!

Google+ is really much more than just another Social site, and Google call it a social layer.  On Google+ content is treated a bit differently.  Public posts on Google+ are indexed for search, whereas most Facebook posts are not.  Studies have actually shown that there’s a very strong relationship between search rankings and the number of +1’s received.  The regular business owner should really be taking advantage of Google+ to boost SEO value for your website.  Google+ is definitely much better for SEO than any other social site, and every time your content gets shared by someone else you are getting links as their posts are indexed.

2. It’s Growing!

Step aside, Twitter & LinkedIn.  Google+ has beaten Twitter and LinkedIn to become the second-highest most actively used social network after Facebook.

The number of current active Google+ users is close to 360 million, and up from 259m million in June 2012.  That’s a hefty number of potential customers that has been left untapped!

 3. Become A Content Authority. 

Google+ is perfectly built for content - there is no limit on post length so you can really build exposure for your content, get found in Google search, and establish your authority.  Perfect for images too which display beautifully on the platform.

4. Build a Target Audience.

If you’ve been struggling to get your message heard by the right people, let me introducing to you Google+ Circles.  Circles are a way to segment other users into targeted groups based on their relationship to you.  Organise your connections by interest group, location, or audience demographics (i.e., customers, employees)

5. Google+ Caters to the Business Community.

So far, your social media strategies have largely focused on building an audience via Facebook (too many 13-year-olds posting self photos) and Twitter (overrun by outspoken celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber), but you’re just not capturing the right market.  Google+ has branded itself as THE social network community for making connections and collaborations within the professional community, particularly in the business and technology spheres.  Whether you’re a B2B company or a consumer-oriented brand, Google+ is the place to reach a professional audience that tends to shy away from Facebook and Twitter.

We're going to show you how to take advantage of the Google+ platform to build a targeted community of followers.

You will discover the secrets to becoming an authority within your niche, and, unlike any other social network, how to get your posts ranked in Google!  This can make a huge difference to your network.

Let's Look At Some Case Studies.

Case Study 1: Ford Motor Company

Case Study 2: Cadbury UK

The Great News Is...


The Power Of Plus

Your Complete Google+ Training Course

Learn how to increase your online presence, build your authority and increase sales using the powerful Social Layer of Google... Google+

The Power Of Plus is a 4-module A-Z video training course.

Sue walks you step by step through the basics of getting your Google+ profile set up, right through to more advanced Google+ marketing strategies to get help you & your business become an authority using this powerful platform.  Check out what's included within each module below:

"We now hit 450,000+ views a day!"

Last fall I joined Sue & Dan's Facebook Group looking for some new inspiration on Social Media.  Their enthusiasm inspired me to look further into Google Plus.  After a slow start in mid December 2014, we then began to hit the 20,000 views a day mark in January 2015, and we continued to grow more and more!  The last 3 days (Feb. 2015) we hit the 450,000+ views per day mark (not a typo!).  For me it took a while to get used to Google Plus (yes, it looks different than Twitter and Facebook) but now I really wished I had started much earlier!  It has become my favorite medium online with a reach and interaction far beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined!  Get inspired by Sue and Dan’s courses & blog posts and use them!  You will definitely see the results in your social media statistics.

Nienke Ringersma

Take A Look At This Engagement...

You Can Have This Too!

I knew that I had gaps in my knowledge of Google+, but didn't expect to learn this much!

I like the fact that the videos are concise, clear, and put together in a logical, step-by-step order.  I honestly cannot imagine where else I could find this amount of information about Google+ in one place.  I love the simple design – all of this is in line with the simplicity of explanations and presentation.  They say that if you can explain something simply, you understand it perfectly.  This is the case with “The Power of Plus”.

P.S.  To anyone who is still contemplating whether to buy or not to buy, I can only say – don't miss out on this opportunity.  Sue certainly knows her subject, and is the best person to learn from.  “The Power of Plus” will make you look at online marketing from a very different perspective.  With the sheer volume of priceless information, there are lots of nice surprises in store... But I better not give away too much, and let you find out for yourselves.

Sue is fast becoming a rising star in the world of social media with many success stories to report.  Anything she puts out is always first class and I can guarantee that this is no different

Google+ is quickly becoming the social site that gets you traffic to your offers and Sue explains exactly how to do just that in this step by step quality video training.

This training is something you need if you want to take your business to the next level using social media.

Sue & Dan Worthington hit another home run with their new product, 'The Power of Plus – Your Complete Google Plus Training Course.'  If you've been avoiding Google+ because you thought it was too complicated to learn, then fear no more!  Sue & Dan's easy-to-understand training program will have you up and running on Google+ in no time.

Sue breaks down the training into a series of Modules with videos that cover nearly every aspect of Google+, including how to set up your profile page, creating your own Google Circles, even showing viewers how one can add a Google +1 button to their blog.

Each video is short and to the point, so you can go through each module at your own pace.

I have to say I think Sue & Dan Worthington have outdone theirselves with this one.  I just can't recommend The Power of Plus highly enough.  Try it.  You won't be disappointed!

I have always been unsure about Google Plus, that was until I had the privilege of checking out Sue and Dan Worthington’s newest product “The Power of Plus”.   Suddenly all that mystique was blown away, Sue and Dan take you by the hand and lead you down the path to Google Plus happiness.  This product is awesome, the 23 videos, divided into 4 modules are packed full of invaluable information about everything you need to know on using Google Plus.

If you’re new to Google Plus or a seasoned veteran there’s something here for you, I challenge anyone say that they haven’t learned something new with this training package.

Sue and Dan this is by far the most comprehensive training package out there on Google Plus, and you should be proud of yourselves for the quality, content and sheer magic you have provided in this training package.

100% Risk-Free Purchase

We know you'll love the content provided within the members area, the training you'll receive and the results you'll achieve.  That's why we're happy to provide a 30 day 100% money back guarantee!

Here’s What You’re About To Receive:

  • Module 1 – Getting Started
  • Module 2 – Organizing Your Account
  • Module 3 – Build Your Authority
  • Module 4 – Google+ In Action
  • Google Hangouts eBook
  • Checklists & Worksheets
  • VIP Community
  • Members only hangout

Usual Price: $37.00

The Power Of Plus - Your Complete Google+ Training Course
Our last customer made the smart decision to join the programme on:4th December 2016 and are currently benefitting from the content inside!